I asked our customers to send me a list of uses for Charlie’s Soap that others might not have thought of. This is what they sent me.

1. Washing clothes

2. Cleaning carpets & rugs

3. Washing dishes by hand

4. In the dishwasher (use half a scoop)

5. Soaking hubby’s stinky smelly work clothes

6. Car mats

7. Cleaning the toilet

8. Scrubbing the shower

9. Cleaning basins

10. Mopping floors

11. Washing Nappies

12. Soaking my handtowels, hubby is a mechanic and clearly doesn’t clean his hands properly until he dries them

13. Baby Bibs

14. Pet beds

15. Getting clothes that USED to be white, back to white again

16. As a soil wetting agent

17. Cot sheets from accidents

18. Cleaning santas suit after all the chimneys he goes down his clothes are covered in soot!

19. Curtains, my kids get them filthy with their ‘see if Dad’s home yet’ window trips lol

20. Cleaning the outside of the BBQ

21. Fake halloween blood! comes straight out 😉

22. Cleaning wee accidents off the couch!

23. Cleaning stickyness off the couch from candy cane fingers

24. Cleaning oven racks

25. Cleaning couch covers

26. Washing the dog

27. To clean my wedding dress after my son wiped his chicken nugget tomato sauce fingers on it at our reception!

28. Cleaning the front of the fridge Make into a paste n use as an abrasive

29. Cleaning dog pee off the bed

30. Hand washing my yoga gear while I was on a retreat staying in a treehouse only needed a little and it was all Eco ticks all the boxes for travel

31. To wash my quilts to make them soft and cuddly!

32. Sheets that have been in storage and gone yellowy Soak over night

33. Fill bath tub with water. Put in Charlie’s soap put in your pillow stand on your pillow putting feet up and down. The colour will make you feel sick!

34. Cleaning the high chair

35. Washing car seat covers

36. Soaking all the household SOCKS at the end of the year that have gone grey

37. Make paste and use to remove sticky tape residue in pictures, fridges and glass

38.  Scrub pots n pans with Charlie’s, leave soap on pot, put in a black plastic bag out ini the sun n leave all day, then just wash normally

39. Spray Indoor/Outdoor cleaner on the car just before rain and let the car wash itself!

40. Soak tea-stained cups

41. Make a paste and clean the oven door

42. Wash soft toys

43. Wash woolen jumpers, scarves, beanies and gloves at the start of winter after they have been in storage half the year

44. Spray on stains on laminate bench tops, leave a minute or two then wipe straight off

45. Soak your child’s footy team strips on your rostered week

46. Wash pesticides off fresh fruit & veggies

47. Spray on spills on carpet then rub with a cloth, lifts straight off!

48. Oil stains in garage/driveway

49. Cleaning tools

50. Water the garden with the greywater, it’s safe!

51. Use in septic systems

52. Wipe coffee rings off coffee table

53. Soak school bags at the end of the year

54. Brighten and soften towels that have gone dull and crunchy

55. Clean tar off the car after driving near roadworks

56. Clean walls

57. Rejuventate outdoor kids toys

58. Clean outdoor furniture

59. Soak kids drink bottles

60. Dissolve in water for a refreshing and softening foot soak

61. Wipe over light switches (it’s alarming how grubby they can get!)

62. Clean stainless steel kitchen appliances

63. Use wth the high pressure cleaner outdoors for cleaning walls, pathways etc.

64. Soak sheets, towels etc. after sick children

65. Soak out sweat stains from armpits of clothing

66. Clean athletic wear

67. Soak cloudy crystal

68. Clean grungy vases

69. Clean off bathtub ring

70. Clean off stained coffee decanters

71. Rejuvenate grandmas old tapestries, crochet, doilies etc. after being in storage

72. Wash your sunglasses in it!

73. Brighten up white towels that have gone greyish

74. Soak op-shop bargain finds

75. Gentle enough to soak even the most delicate lace yet powerful enough to clean diesel engines!

76. Clean dentures!

77. Keep a bottle of Kitchen & Bath cleaner handy, it cleans anything and everything!  Just spray on and wipe off.

78. Wipe down car interior while waiting at red lights

79. Clean computer keyboards

80. Soaking dirty, discoloured shirt collars

81. Soak mats in the bath overnight, you will be horrified about the water colour

82. For the Lego lovers soak overnight, rinse well and dry in the sun when it starts to look grubby

83. Wash your grocery ‘green bags’ every now and then.  They get gross after a while!

84. Soak the rangehood filter

85. Clean golf balls

86. Wash your horse for a glossy coat and shiny mane and tail

87. Get bonfire/camping smell out of your gear

88. Clean out bird, mice and similar pet cages

89. Soak the esky out before the first use of summer

90. Wash your feather/down/wool doona

91. Shine up chrome wheels

92. Soak/clean make up brushes and sponges

93. For the hairdressers and masseurs, wash all those towels!

94. Soak out mould from swimming gear forgotten in bags too long

95. Washing dishes and clothes in the river when camping.  It’s biodegradable and perfectly safe!

96. Clean your kitchen sink (either with teh K&B cleaner or washing powder, the powder gives a bit of abrasion for tough ones)

97. Get narrow-necked bottles that wont fit a brush clean.  Just soak overnight.

98. Soak hairbrushes

99. Remove labels from glass jars that you want to re-use.  Soaking will dissolve the glue.

100. Soak sheer lace curtains to brighten and remove dirt/dust.

Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder 1.2kg


Thank you to everyone that contributed to this list.

If you haven’t tried it yet get some now and find out what all the fuss is about!