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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charlie’s Soap tested on animals?


Neither Clean & Green, nor the manufacturers of Charlie’s Soap have  ever performed any in-house nor paid for any animal testing of any Charlie’s Soap products.

To the best of our knowledge and sources of information, no raw materials have been tested on animals either.

Charlie’s Soap does not contain any animal-based raw materials.

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Does Charlie’s Soap contain Palm Oil?

What’s in Charlie’s Soap?

Charlie’s Soap contains all natural washing soda and coconut oil based detergents.

Ingredients are listed in the description of all products in our shop.

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Will Charlie’s Laundry Powder and Liquid work with cold water?

Yes, but hot water has a lower surface tension than cold or warm water meaning that it gets into the cloth fibres and cleans them more easily so for best results we recommend washing in warm to hot water.

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Can I get my money back if I am not happy with the product?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the product we will refund your purchase price upon return of the product to us. If you encounter any problems, in the first instance please send us an email explaining the issue so we can rectify the problem as soon as possible.

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Are the products available for commercial users?

Yes. The products were initially developed for industrial applications and are available in bulk containers suitable for commercial Laundries, Hospitals, Medical Centres, Child Care Centres, Seniors Facilities, Factories and many other large scale establishments.

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Is Charlie’s Soap safe for septic tanks/envirocycles?

Does Charlie’s Soap work in hard water areas?

Yes. In Australia the main cities that have hard water include Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

The use of an additive such as Laundry Booster or Intensive Oxy Boost will greatly assist the performance of Charlie’s Soap in hard water areas.

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Do I need to use fabric softener?

No. Fabric Softeners are used to cover the residues that normal detergents leave on fabrics.

Charlie’s Soap is designed to clean all the way to the fibre and remove all residues, so no fabric softeners are needed. Without the residues, clothes will be naturally soft.

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Is Charlie’s Soap safe for washing Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN)?

Yes. Charlie’s Soap is the best choice as it is proven to rinse out completely, leaving no detergent residues which can cause cloth nappies to become less absorbent over time. Lab test results can be found here.

However, Charlie’s Soap is not a disinfectant when used alone. It is highly recommended to either line dry nappies in the sun (the sun is a natural sanitiser) or use an antibacterial additive such as  Intensive Oxy Boost.

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Is Charlie’s Soap suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes. Charlie’s Soap rinses away completely from your clothes so there is nothing left to cause a reaction. We have many customers that tell us their (or their children’s) eczema has completely gone away after starting to use Charlie’s Soap exclusively for all clothing and bedding.

Clothes that have been washed in anything other than Charlie’s Soap likely have detergent residues. Charlie’s Soap will clean those residues to the exclusion of other stains until they are gone.

It may take several washes with a full dose of Charlie’s Soap to remove those residues, not just bring them to the surface. You should wash clothes that are new to Charlie’s Soap 2 or 3 times before wearing them. We want to make sure that nothing touches your skin but clean clothes.

If you develop itching from clothes washed in Charlie’s Soap, this is a sign that not all the old residues have quite been removed. They have only been pulled to the surface where you can feel them. A quick two successive washes of that garment with Charlie’s Soap should alleviate that problem.

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How much powder should I use?

Only 1 Tablespoon is required per large load of washing. This is the same for both front-loaders and top-loaders. Less can be used for smaller loads.

Most of us have been conditioned to use a lot more than one Tablespoon so don’t be tempted to use too much. It won’t hurt you, but it’s not necessary and won’t give you a better clean. The reason only 1 Tablespoon is required is that there are no unnecessary fillers or other additives in Charlie’s Soap.

For MCN, we recommend you use the full Tablespoon as Charlie’s Soap has been tested to rinse out completely, leaving no troublesome residues.

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