Intensive Oxy Boost | Sodium Percarbonate


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For soaking, disinfecting, whitening whites and removing mould from fabrics. Also a hard water treatment.

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Sodium Percarbonate is a natural Oxygen Bleach (as opposed to a chemical bleach – yuk!) which releases Hydrogen Peroxide and breaks down into Oxygen, Water and Soda Ash.

It is a white, odourless granulated powder and has a multitude of uses including disinfecting, removing stains, boosting your wash to get whites really white again as well as removing mould from fabrics.

Sodium Percarbonate is the active ingredient in most supermarket soakers, however they also contain fillers, perfumes, dyes and other unnecessary and potentially environmentally unsafe ingredients. Clean and Green Intenive Oxy Boost contains ONLY Sodium Percarbonate.

To use as an additive and disinfectant in the wash just add 1/2-1 Tablespoon, along with Charlie’s Soap powder or liquid.

As a soaker to remove stains and mould, it is important to use as hot water as is safe for the fabric. Add 2-3 Tablespoons to a bucket, add hot water and watch it fizz. Add the items and leave to soak. Repeat if necessary using hot water each time. Please use caution for delicate fabrics, it may remove printed patters and discolour buttons.

Use also in hard water areas to improve the performance of Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder or Liquid.



Sodium Percarbonate

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