See what some of our happy customers have to say about Charlie’s Soap

I was really happy when I started using this product because its a environment friendly cleaner that actually works!!!!! I used it in both my kitchen and bathroom and can not find anything to complain about. It still has a clean smell to it which is something I like from my cleaning products but it wasn’t a strong over powering smell. I was very impressed at how well it cleaned greased and baked on mess as I used it on my stove top and a baking tray. Best part of getting to review this product is the fact I get to keep it and use it until I have to buy more.


Before finding charlies soap my mcns never seemed clean. After being recommended charlies i bought a tub. First I did a soak ( could not bieve how dirty the water was). And now use 1/2 a scoop per full mcn wash. My mcns NEVER smell. They are brillant white. I would recommend charlies to all mcn users !!!!!!!!! :)


I love it as my towels always had the sweat smell, but since using Charlies they dont smell at all. And also it gets rid of the smell of urine and having 3 kids between 2-9yrs we do have some wet beds!


I am a mother of 6 kids 2 of them r in cloth nappies and myself and 1 child suffer from eczema and Charlie washing powder is amazing keeps the nappies clean and white and doesn’t irritate our eczema


I got to use the washing powder for myself and absolutely loved using the product, all of my family have issues with skin conditions so we need to be fussy with what we use, and as an ex MCN user i understand the importance of a biodegradable washing powder. All my clothes came out smelling clean and didn’t have the over powering smell of flowers that my previous washing liquid had recently adopted (I was ready to stop using washing powder all together). My clothes actually feel softer with out using softener, and my towels feel like new again.

I love love love my Charlies laundry powder. I recently changed and tried something else as for the sent and it was the worst decision it gave my lovely nappies the stinkies. I’m now back to the faithful Charlies and my nappies are sparkling clean and no longer have the stinkies. ♥ Charlies soap


Well it’s been a few more weeks and I have to say I’m mesmerised that my nappies actually are softer!  I was resolved to expecting crunchy nappies as with all the soaks I’d done I just couldn’t imagine they’d soften up with time.  It is truly incredible how much of a difference there is after about a month (?) of use. I’m so extremely happy!  My older ones aren’t quite as soft as all the new ones that have only been washed in CS but they are still remarkably different.  You have been so true to your word the whole way through – everything you’ve said has come true (not that I didn’t believe you!), but I just can’t believe the difference.  Thank you for a wonderful product and such wonderful support.  I know I sound canny talking about washing powder – but my nappies not being soft and hygienic was such a worry to me purely cause I was worried for my baby’s beautiful soft, pure skin and now I feel so wonderful.  Sorry for all the emails – I was just assembling a load of clean, dry nappies and was so pleased I just had to give you one last bit of feedback.


a new customer in a hard water area using Charlie’s Soap on her baby’s Modern Cloth Nappies

The charlies washing powder is the only thing to get that horrible cooking oil smell out of my husband’s chef jackes and aprons. With two babies in cloth and chef whites to keep clean, charlies is amazing!


Just wanted to say a big thank you for getting me hooked on this stuff. Since a kid I’ve been using commercial laundry powder and have forever had issues with my skin and various allergies. Switching from the chemical brand to Clean and Green has seen my skin problems disappear and a lot of my allergies clear up. I was really suprised with how clean and fresh this made our clothes and sheets whilst removing all stains without having to use a presoak. Thanks again team!


I have three children aged 5, 3 and 1 and a husband who gets rather grotty at work. I initially started using Charlies Soap laundry powder for MCN’s. I was horrified at how awful the water was after the first soak (mortified even) but the nappies came out so clean and with absolutely no smells at all. I haven’t had to do a strip wash in over a year, when they say Charlies rinses out with no residue – they really do mean it!  My 5 year old suffers from eczema and I was very cautious when I started using Charlies with all our laundry.  I was delighted when my little man had no reaction at all and his eczema actually improved a little. My husband’s work clothes come up clean but the best part is that his revolting socks no longer smell like …. actually there is no word to describe the smell of his socks, let’s just say they don’t smell anymore, of anything! I love how our towels are soft and fluffy but even more how they actually work like towels are supposed. No more trying to dry wriggling kids with towels that don’t dry.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that doing the washing is something I look forward to now I use Charlies Soap but I will say that I don’t dread it anymore. Love this product!