A few years ago I moved into a new rental and one of the first things I noticed was the terribly dirty oven. Like, nobody had cleaned it in a very long time. The inside part and racks were ok but the glass door was awful, I still don’t know how it even passed inspection from the old tenants, maybe it was so old and bad they gave up, but moving on.. I started to think about the usual oven cleaners and the fact that they are meant to be used in a space that food is also being prepared and that just didn’t sit right with me so I thought I’d give Charlie’s Soap a go to see if I could get it clean, and I was thrilled to find out it worked!

This is what the oven door looked like at the start and after I had finished.

This is how I did it:

  1. I sprayed the glass liberally with Kitchen & Bath cleaner.
  2. I then sprinkled about a Tablespoon of Charlie’s Soap washing powder over the top and mixed the two together to form a grainy paste.
  3. Then I spread the paste evenly over the glass, I added a bit more spray at this stage because it was looking a bit dry.
  4. I left it for a few hours, came back and gave it a scrub. It needed a bit of elbow grease but the gunk did lift in the end.
  5. I then rinsed it with clean water and wiped it dry.

I was so excited it actually worked!!

As I said it did need a bit of scrubbing but I imagine glass that wasn’t quite this bad would be pretty easy to do.

If you haven’t already tried it, give it a go!